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What is PandwaRF?

PandwaRF is a RF analysis tool with a sub-1 GHz wireless transceiver controlled by a smartphone or a PC.
Its purpose is to capture, display & transmit RF data very easily.
It can be connected to an Android smartphone using BLE or USB, and to Linux using USB.
It is based on the well-known RfCat & Yard Stick One tools with the Texas Instruments CC1111 RF transceiver, but with a lot of new features, making PandwaRF the perfect portable RF analysis tool.


Cheaper, simpler, smaller than a SDR.
We'd really love your feedback! Tell us what you think and we'll make it happen!
PandwaRF Big components
  • Bluetooth Smart Module ISP130301, based on nRF51

  • CC1111 Low-Power SoC with Sub-1 GHz RF Transceiver

  • Multi frequencies (from 300 MHz to 928 MHz)

  • Multi modulation (ASK/OOK/MSK/2-FSK/GFSK)

  • Transmit and receive in half duplex mode

  • Support data rates up to 500 kBaud

  • Open hardware


  • Long range portable version with case, battery & SMA connector
  • TX/RX amplifiers: Yes
  • Antenna port power for external LNA
  • SW & FW: PandwaRF Custom
  • API: Yes
  • OTA FW update: Yes
  • Antenna: External
  • Battery: Included
  • Debug pins: Yes – not mounted
  • Case: Black
  • Buttons: 4 (internal)
  • Size: 48x85x15mm
  • Shipping: 2-3 working days
  • 145

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PandwaRF Mini

  • Short range portable version with case, battery & internal antenna
  • Gollum Black 1e_RS5
  • TX/RX amplifiers: No
  • SW & FW: PandwaRF Custom
  • API: Yes
  • OTA FW update: Yes
  • Antenna: Internal
  • Battery: Included
  • Debug pins: No
  • Case: Black
  • Buttons: 2 (external)
  • Size: 35x65x11mm
  • Shipping: 2Q17
  • 145

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PandwaRF Big
  • Full speed USB: 12 Mbps (Linux or Android)

  • Bluetooth Smart 4.0 (Android/iOS)

  • USB charging & battery powered

  • 4 buttons to assign codes

  • 4 Status LEDs

  • 16 Mbit Flash Memory to save custom RF protocols

  • Rechargeable battery powered for stand-alone operation

  • Battery fuel gauge

  • RX amplifier for improved sensitivity: +13dB from 300MHz-1GHz

  • TX amplifier for higher output power: +20dB @ 433MHz & +17dB @ 900MHz

  • SMA connector for external antenna

  • Antenna port power control for external LNA

  • 22-pin expansion and programming header

  • Included: Battery and injection molded plastic enclosure

PandwaRF vs. RTL-SDR tools

RTL-SDR Yard Stick One PandwaRF
Amplifiers No Yes Yes
Max bandwidth 3 MHz 800 KHz 800 KHz
Frequency range 24-1800 MHz 315 – 433 – 868 – 915 MHz 315 – 433 – 868 – 915 MHz
Price 20€ 115€ 145€
Supported host OS Linux/Windows/Android Linux Android/iOS/Linux
Supported smartphone USB No BLE or USB
Power source USB USB Internal battery

Feature status

Captured Data processing offload


Radio Scripting (JavaScript & Python)


RF Packet sniffer


Spectrum analyzer


Fully working, yet 1 or 2 bugs in graph

Fixed codes


Some simplification & automation to be done

Brute Force Attack


Android API & SDK


API doc to generate



Working, but a bit dusty

Rolling codes


De Bruijn attack (OpenSesame)


Capture/ replay attack

Up next


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  • PandwaRF is a test equipment for RF systems. It has not been tested for compliance with the regulations governing the transmission of radio signals. You are responsible for using your PandwaRF legally.
  • The intentional jamming of RF signals is ILLEGAL. PandwaRF is designed for low power jamming and shall only be used for testing the robustness of your own devices.

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